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We understand the sacrifices you have made to build your practice.Our goal is to show you how you can better protect your family with our Succession Planning solution through a flexible buy/sell agreement backed by life insurance.


There has never been a better time to consider making the move to financial and personal freedom.  All of the advantages of working at a wirehouse firm have disappeared as independent channels have matched and surpassed the technology used, level of support provided and investment options available to clients.  There are now distinct advantages that having full control over your business provides.  Best of all, you can attain those advantages without sacrificing the level of service and investment options your clients receive and the level of backend support you currently receive.  The only difference you will probably notice is a much happier lifestyle and the rewards that only come with owning your own business.  

What Are You Waiting For?

We understand your hesitation when considering a big move like this.  The wirehouse firms have done a great job spreading rumors about all of the things that could go wrong if you make a move.  Consider their motives as the independent channel has become the fastest growing channel over the last five years.  We also understand your hesitation about  finding office space, setting up a new business, paying bills, managing compliance and all the day to day headaches of managing your own business. Our job is to dispel all the rumors and remove all the headaches of running your own business while providing you the freedom and financial rewards you deserve.      

If you could have all the support you have today or better, a lot more freedom to run your business as you want and a higher monetization for what you have built, would you consider it?

Are you getting the MOST value from your practice?

Every advisor reaches a point in their career where they begin to question if they are getting the most value for the practice they spent years of hard work building. In most cases, an advisor is not even aware of all the additional value they could be receiving. Having gone through the due diligence of making a change, we are fully aware of the fear and incorrect facts that spread throughout our industry. Our goal is to help you understand what the value of your practice is and how easy it is to make that transition by addressing the following key factors:  


We understand that after years of hard work helping your clients achieve a better lifestyle you should be able to do the same. By leveraging our solutions you will have the free time to enjoy more of what you want without having to retire.


We understand serving your clients is your top priority. Our Transition solution will help ensure a high transfer rate without any extra work by you. Our Investment and Practice Management solutions will not only make your life easier but will provide the level of service your clients have come to expect.


We understand the main purpose of going independent is to become your own boss. Our Practice Management solution allows you to have your own brand identity while leveraging all of our resources at no additional cost to you*. We help you realize the flexibility and financial rewards without the additional risk.

*Contact us for info on our "True Payout" model and a  breakdown of covered expenses